Simply put, we are a group of people interested in photography. Welcome to the Hutchinson Photography Club

Like to take photos? So do we! Come check out the Hutchinson Photography Club. You don't need a big fancy camera to join us. You just need have a love for photography, whether it be taking photos or looking at them. We meet the third Tuesday of the month, from 7-9pm, at the Hutchinson Center for the Arts.

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  • September Meeting Notes

    Photo Challenge Theme



    Zak will demonstrate product photography

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  • August Meeting Notes

    Photo Challenge Theme



    Layne Kennedy will be speaking about “Evolving Photographic Styles”

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  • July Meeting Notes

    Photo Challenge Theme



    Garden Tours

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2016 48 in 48 Winners!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who participated. We understand that this is a strenuous contest. Teams must have stamina, be strategic, and of course be talented photographers. We hope to continue to have great random prizes to give away throughout the contest so that beginners can win prizes too. Beginning photographers who have now […]

48 in 48 Themes for 2016!

Here are the 48 themes for the 2016 “48 in 48” Digital Photo Contest. Good luck everybody! 1. Tacos 2. Fence 3. Clock 4. Phone 5. Windmill 6. Books 7. Rock 8. Technology 9. Bubble 10. Car 11. Beast 12. Baseball 13. Sharp 14. Speed 15. Bank 16. Lake 17. Flower 18. Power 19. Letters […]

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The Hutchinson Center for the Arts is located in downtown Hutchinson at 15 Franklin St SW, just behind Zella’s.

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